Why seek non-perfection?

Question: Masters reading the Reincarnation Guide I had a doubt. The source was a perfection, and then separated to experience a non-perfection. What votes will this experience bring us? If we were already in perfection, what is the next state to be reached? ~Amanda, Brazil

ANSWER: Perfection is the ultimate state that a soul would seek to experience – there is nothing more satisfying. But Source asked: What is perfection? That was all it had ever known, and therefore it had no idea what else existed. It was like humans living in the desert wondering what else there is. By going other places and doing other things, they learn about heat, cold, rain, snow, different vegetation, animals, and seasons.

If you haven’t experienced something, you cannot be sure it truly exists. If you don’t try something, you will never know if you can accomplish the desired result. You might say that life in a singularity, perfection, is boring. It never changes, never challenges, never provides an opportunity to gather knowledge leading to wisdom.

Source desired to reach beyond the blissfully unconditional love it had and to discover the opposite of love and bliss. You don’t know how good you have it if you have never existed in the “have not.”

Source could not completely go into the negative of its positive because then there would be nothing uninfluenced for comparison. For that reason, it broke off parts of itself, known as souls, to be the explorers into the unknown. The more it learned about the possibilities, the more things became complex to test all eventualities. The experiment then became a series of lessons to see how the recognition of their having the powers of Source would allow people to learn faster and more completely about the significance of perfection.

Each soul’s aim is to understand that they are Source energy and that, being Source, they can learn all about the opposite of perfection so that perfection may be appreciated and understood on a grander scale.