Connecting with guides

QUESTION: Masters I can feel spirit guides around me I see the signs of their presence how can I build a strong connection with them? I want to talk to them, get their guidance to have a pain free successful life as an independent individual. ~Humaira, UK

ANSWER: Intention is the connection. But, that said, intention without action is nothing. You must initiate the conversation. And don’t have expectations of the form that it will take. They may connect in a normal human conversational way, or they may give you other signs such as sounds or lights, or direct you to outside sources.

Already you have expectations that a connection to your guides will assure you of a pain-free, successful life. That may be so – but it might also not be what you planned for this life before coming. Guides will never tell you exactly what to do; they will merely advise you on accomplishing the possibilities you chose.

Being an independent individual doesn’t mean needing the assistance of your guides. It means taking responsibility for the decisions in your life that direct you through it. Each soul creates their own reality in which to learn their chosen lessons. Letting others tell you what to do or what you need is counterproductive to learning.

Get out of your thinking mind, which is filled with the thoughts, ideas, and demands of others. Always look at life through your feeling heart. Is this action one you may learn from? Is this something you need to do to become more aware of who you are?

Stop wanting someone else to validate your life for you. You have all the answers, so start listening to yourself.