Souls afraid to go Home

QUESTION: Masters, I have started to see on the astral level and there are souls who have not realized they have passed away. Some of them keep acting the same as in their lives on Earth. They are confused, and they come to my aura. I tried to send them to the light but some of them did not want to go and they grab my hand and don’t want to go further. Those souls are everywhere and sometimes I “hear” their talk. Actually, they have same personality as when on Earth and they can feel emotions, like fear. Why there are souls who stay in this level? Why they don’t keep going to the light? And why I can see, feel and talk to them? ~Amalie, Finland

ANSWER: You have the ability to see and communicate with these souls because you choose to do so. You had decided that, sometime along your present journey, you would like to offer assistance to those who don’t realize who they are, souls who had chosen to have a human experience. You can do this since you have become enlightened with the knowledge of your essence as a soul while you remain on Earth in your human form.

You understand the blissfulness of Home and its unconditional love. Souls who have not come into this awareness during their time as humans are still controlled by the negative thoughts and ideas they believe are their only option. They cling to what they think they know, which is the belief system of reward and punishment, or karma, for what they have done during their life.

Their reality is that it is safer to remain on Earth since they don’t want to be subjected to “hell”. They are still in touch with all the emotions of the human body because they have not completely released their hold on it. They feel safe in the negativity in which they lived and cannot imagine unconditional love.

Some just need a little push, such as telling them they can move on, and others need more assistance to overcome their doubts and fears. Whether they move or not is completely up to them.

Something that helps make up their minds is suggesting they will be reunited with loved ones who predeceased them. You can even ask those friends and lovers to come and get them. Another helpful tactic is suggesting they ask their guides to accompany them across.

Some of these souls are remaining because they think there are things they have to do, such as help one left behind or get revenge for some wrong done to them. These souls are more difficult to assist because they are adamant in their beliefs.

Do whatever feels comfortable to you, even if that is nothing. If it ever becomes too much for you, you have the ability to shut off the connection.