Recognizing your essence

QUESTION: Masters I frequently have dreams about moving objects with my mind and flying. Whilst having these dreams there appears to be a certain frequency I tap into which I briefly remember on awakening. On awakening I quickly realize I cannot do these things, though the sensation remains. I often feel fear just in case I can actually do these things. What are these dreams trying to tell me, and what can I – if anything – learn from them? ~Steven, UK

ANSWER: A soul comes to Earth to learn certain life lessons and, once the lessons are completed, to understand who they are as a soul. Every soul is a piece of Source, who is all-powerful, all-magnificent, all-knowing, and all-creative. Simply put, that means that a soul undergoing a human existence has the ability to utilize all the same powers and abilities as its Source origin.

Outside of the physical body, your essence is pure energy unless and until you decide to take some type of physical form. As energy, you can go anywhere and do anything you wish. Intention is the driving force. Want to relocate? Wish it and you are there. Want to change your environment? Imagine it and it is so. Your relocation can be done instantaneously or by leisurely “flying” to the new position.

When you “realize” upon reentering your physical form that you cannot do what you have just experienced, it is by choice. You have the ability to do anything, but you have not included it within your choices for your reality.

The fear is part of your journey to Earth. Doubts and fears define the tests a soul presents to its human self. To accept these possibilities, you have to get out of your head where the idea of impossibility is controlling your thinking. This is part of the ego mind, which is society’s concept that you need to rate, grade, and judge all actions taking place.

Accepting that this is true in your life is allowing others (society) to make all your decisions for you. Stop thinking and start “feeling” what you believe you can do – understanding there are no limitations.

Your dreams, which are really journeys your soul is making while your body is in a state of rest, are attempting to remind you of what your essence is capable of. It is like a post-graduate course in soul recognition, and not for everyone. If it begins to resonate with you, work on taking trips while meditating. The possibilities beyond that are unlimited.