Spiritist doctrine

QUESTION: Masters, When I was younger, Allan Kardec’s spiritist doctrine became very present as a form of religious study. Today I think, is it all an absolute truth? For example, would suicide really be a crime against one’s own life and the spirit would go to the city of the “Umbral” (lower astral city)? Or would the soul only free itself from the density of the physical body and be free? If we create our reality all the time, do these religious beliefs influence us when we accept it as truth, right? Could you talk about this, please!? ~Sergio, Brazil

ANSWER: Spiritism is a philosophical religion based on the writings of the French educator Hippolyte Léon Denizard Rivail, who used the pen name Allan Kardec. His doctrines dealt with the connection, in his reality, between the physical and nonphysical elements in his accepted universe. He related that the soul, as we know it, came to Earth (or incarnated) in order to understand humanity and therefore be enriched.

What a soul faces, when having a human experience, has to do with what they accept as their own reality. Each soul creates an illusion of life by the belief systems they choose to accept to rule and control their life. These beliefs generally come from things that others have accepted and then have persuaded the soul to accept as the way to exist.

The only place where negativity exists is on the surface of the planet Earth. Once leaving the human physical, a soul cannot experience negativity or “bad” things. They return to an essence of unconditional love. A suicide separates the soul from the physical form and frees it to enter the unconditional love where negativity is banned.

When you accept and/or follow the doctrines, beliefs, or dictates of a group, religious or otherwise, they influence you only as long as you continue to keep them as part of your reality. If you want to change to a conflicting belief, they disappear unless you return to them later.

What you should do is not accept anyone else’s ideas about your life unless they feel good to you and resonate with your energy. When you adhere to another’s beliefs, you are giving them control over you. Always take responsibility for your own power by examining how the ideals of others impact you.

On a spiritual path nothing is right or wrong. It is a series of tasks that allow you to see what you can learn from using or observing how your life is directed by your choices. All the choices are yours. Don’t be afraid to try out various directions until you find something that satisfies your thirst for knowledge and understanding.