Two human bodies, one soul

QUESTION: Masters can the same soul reincarnate in two bodies in the same time and space, have death in one and continue the experience in the other body? Additionally, can these two lives have an agreement with another soul who is the same person here on earth? ~Amb, Portugal

ANSWER: No. A soul comes to Earth – that is, incarnates – only to experience the life lessons it previously chose, and for no other reason. Two souls can share a body only if one is having a human existence and the other has disincarnated (died) and been invited by the first to enter the same body.

The discarnate can continue with its planned life, which it left when it died, only if the soul occupying the body allows it to take over. The original soul can just travel along and observe life, or it can choose to leave the body and return Home, giving the discarnate possession – but that would cause the human body to die since no viable soul is present. This is extremely rare.

There cannot be another soul who is the same person, and no soul can live in more than one body at a time, so the agreements you mention are impossible. A single soul, in choosing to have a physical lifetime, may have that life only at one time, in one place.

It is true that the soul’s many lives do co-exist. They occur in different timelines and are imprinted within the soul’s akashic records, similar to the way a compact disc contains many different cuts of songs or videos. But the soul’s human awareness can be present in only one of these timelines at a time. The other “lives” are energetic until the soul’s focus shifts from one timeline to another and the awareness is shifted to the other body, severing connection to the previous physical life.