Negative attachments

QUESTION: Masters, I have recently been introduced to the concept of negative attachments. These negative energetic beings act as parasites to humans who are not able to see them. They feed off of their hosts energy. It may cause physical or emotional distress to the human. Is this concept valid? If so, is there a way to discern if one may have a negative attachment? And how can you safely remove it? And recover from it? ~Anne, US

ANSWER: Negative attachments are discarnates who have passed out of their bodies but chosen for some reason not to go Home to the unconditional love. They need to influence a living person to be able to interact with the physical world. They will try to entice the human to allow them to enter their body, which they cannot do without some type of consent.

They will usually approach a person who is under the influence of some substance that lowers inhibitions. They will talk to them in their head and explain that they can be of assistance to the inebriated person if they are permitted to join with them. Another method of joining can be talking to them through a Ouija board. Once they are inside, it takes quite a bit of energy and will-power to get them out.

Another, less severe, negative attachment can come from contact with residual energy accumulated by a deceased person during their life. Someone who has spent their entire life in negative energy leaves a shadow of it when they go Home. This negativity is drawn to light and attaches to those who walk through it. This is easily removed using your intention to do so. You state your intention that it break up and return to the Earth.

There are also live people who are energy vampires. These are souls who crave positive energy and suck positivity out of a host, replacing it with negativity. To combat this, cover yourself with light to prevent further drainage and refill your unconditional love by drawing it from the universe.

If you sense that you might have an attachment, talk to your guides in meditation and ask them if there is one. If they reply in the affirmative, tell the attachment three times that you no longer permit it to be a part of you, and then ask your guides to help it return Home to the light.

Negativity also does not like open flames such as candles, incense, etc., and abhors the smell of burning sage. This will cause it to move on, if it is around, before it can affect you. To discourage vampires, surround yourself with love energy and ask your guides to help protect you.