Preparing for the rest of your life.

Each soul creates its own reality by the beliefs which it chooses to make a part of their day to day life. Most beliefs come from outside of the person but, by the use of affirmations, you can consciously create your own beliefs which become a part, consciously and unconsciously of your life.

You all understand that, with your innate powers as pieces of Source, you have the ability to manifest the world you desire. With this in mind, the Masters put their New Year’s resolution into an affirmation which can be printed out and kept in your diary, put on your mirror or refrigerator, or kept in your wallet and used until you accept and feel them working to create your reality. Look at them frequently. Read them when you need inspiration and you will create a path to understanding and wisdom.


  • Become aware of my true nature.
  • Love all souls, even those whose choice of lessons does not appeal to me.
  • Fully accept myself as I am, which is necessary for my chosen path.
  • Learn to banish fear so I can see the lesson within.
  • Understand my chosen lessons.
  • Trust the universe, knowing it will not send me more than I can endure.
  • Know I create my own reality and have the power to meet all my needs.
  • Release my ego to fully enjoy my soul’s unconditional love.
  • Commune daily in love with my soul’s companions.
  • Have faith in myself because I am divine.