Rejection in many forms

QUESTION: Masters why has my relationship with my mother been difficult from my birth? I know I annoyed her as a baby because I cried an abnormally amount, so we never bonded. I tried to bond with her during childhood, but she constantly sent me away from her presence and physically beat me practically daily. Is her rejection of me the foundational reason I can’t move on from constantly thinking about this guy with whom I became intimate who lied by omission about having a girlfriend? (I.e. I don’t deal with rejection well.) We were friends first and he never mentioned her. Does he care about me as a friend? Will I ever experience love and security? ~Reece, USA

ANSWER: Your chosen major lesson is all about rejection and how far you allow it to impact the rest of your existence. Your mother never really wanted to have a child, and when you arrived colicky, she had a reason to reject you. When you wished to bond at a later age, she was afraid you would take too much time and make too many demands of her, so she physically forced you away. Her rejection turned into a sense of abandonment.

You choose to carry a stigma of rejection, which all are able to sense. It’s as if you are announcing: “It is my lot in life to be rejected, particularly by those I desperately need to love me.” Your friend picked up on this vibe and subconsciously thought: “Hey, I can have some fun with no repercussions because this is what she feels she needs.” His not being honest with you only added to his dose of rejection and deception.

Until you understand your lesson and remove the impression you project of your desires, nothing is going to change. More people will appear to treat you in the same fashion. As a soul you do not have any negative energies, so it is time to let your human self also shed them.

You must first accept that this path was a chosen one made by your fantastic and all-loving soul. Your essence is nothing but unconditional love that all seek to share with you, but it has been hidden behind the lesson you allowed to cover your magnificence.

You must understand that everyone creates their own reality and their own definition and illusion of their world. It is time to erase the negatively accepted picture you project of yourself and let others see you.

See yourself as the most desirable, loving person in the world, who is ready and willing to share that love. Envision a relationship based upon shared love and truthfulness. Open yourself up to a partnership where you don’t anticipate rejection. Let rejection, abandonment, and deception become a thing of the past. Manifest that vision and enjoy your true happiness.