Residual energies

QUESTION: Masters I visited Bletchley Park recently (the site where the code of the Enigma machine was broken during WW2) and was surprised that for the first 15/20 minutes I was very emotional and holding back the tears. Did I experience a past life there, or was I picking up on residual energy, or was it purely my imagination? I was looking forward to this visit and did not anticipate an emotional reaction. ~Elaine, England

ANSWER: You are a very sensitive individual and pick up more from other people than most. You did not have a lifetime at the Park during the war, but you did spend time there when it was under different ownership. You were the main groundskeeper in the early 1800s and identified with the energy of the land. Many of the buildings installed to make room for the war effort cut through energy paths that had made the land so productive.

In addition to the basic energy flow, you also picked up on the residual signatures of the workers at Bletchley. Security was incredibly strict, and everyone always examined anything that was said to them to see if the speaker might have an ulterior motive in their question. No one was supposed to discuss anything they were doing – even to their co-workers – when not at their assigned place. No talk even on breaks, at lunch, or in the lavatory.

The pressure to produce, whether it was in correctly decoding messages or working on the enigma machine, put everyone on edge, and they constantly questioned if they could do more. The ups and downs of the battles made them feel as if defeats were their fault because they had failed to solve the coded messages. Many of the serious workers had breakdowns due to the constant long hours and lack of progress.

The number of family, friends, and neighbors who lost their lives during the conflicts took a toll. They were well informed of the exact number of casualties because of the reports the various military units kept. Some of the souls of the departed came to the Park to try to instill a sense of urgency and to see if they could assist. A few still remain.

The first blast of energy you felt was a combination of all these activities from that time. It was the intensity of the happenings that impacted you on a spiritual and cellular level. Once you became acclimated to this intensity, you were able to lessen the effect it had upon you. None if it was your imagination.