What is spiritual “balance”?

QUESTION: Masters, I have gained some understanding of the importance of intention in creating reality, seeking out that which resonates, loving oneself and others, and simply just “living one’s life”. Associated with this are the many small and large challenges and deviations presented on one’s Earthly existence and path. Can you please share your perspective on “balance” in relation to Earthly duality, soul development and the way this plays out across multiple energy dimensions? ~Ecca, Australia

ANSWER: A soul comes to Earth from the state of unconditional love (its essence) into the duality of positive and negative so that it might test itself and learn various lessons and learn about the composition of itself as a soul. The “balance” you speak of is only necessary within the duality. At Home there is nothing but positive, unconditional love.

The challenges you refer to are the lessons with which the soul previously chose to deal. Some are minor difficulties, easy for the person to choose their preference of positive or negative, and others are major characteristics with which they need to struggle to reach a degree of understanding.

There is not a “set” balance in dealing with life lessons because each person works at their own speed in first recognizing something as a lesson and then getting to work understanding it and gaining its wisdom. Since all souls come with the intention of becoming aware of their essence as pieces of Source, with all the powers and abilities that entails, you might say they are attempting to reach a balance of fifth-dimensional energy (all positive, no negative) and third-dimensional energies (a mixture of negative and positive) while existing within the realm of the third dimension.

As you can see, a number of your commonly used words in the ego-judgmental third dimension do not equate to the concepts of the higher dimensions. “Balance” is one of them. You have to have opposing elements to create a balance, such as the positive and negative aspects of something. At the same time, when you have only positive energy with no opposing force, you can only “balance” it against itself.