Attachment complications

QUESTION: Masters, I’ve had/have ”a creature” in my energies, earlier pretending to be my beloved. What was/is it? I’ve heard of many ”solutions” for it, also that it’s a part of my beloved? True? How to get rid of it? Partly because of this ”creature” we’ve had awful downs and it still may play me/us. My beloved is married, but I think we share deep love. Why did we meet and why are we now where we are? Life lessons? Earlier lives? Soul ”relatives”? ~Valo, Finland

ANSWER: You have an energetic negative attachment that likes to control all aspects of your life. It is connected to your beloved because he wants to have control over you and your attachment to him. He gathers negativity to him since he feels it gives him strength and power. The intensity of this energy is dictated by the amount of interest he is investing at the moment.

Your beloved is all about being the manipulator/controller of any and all situations. He has you convinced that he loves you as much as you love him. He is using you as a diversion from his marriage and a plaything that is totally controllable. This energetic spirit comes whenever you seem to be moving away from your connection to him.

Some of your chosen life lessons have to do with being true to yourself and realizing when you are in a sharing relationship and when you are being used. You have created a fantasy event around your connection to this man, and when doubts arise you push them aside. Recognizing negativity is another lesson. Negativity can be overcome by positive, loving energy directed against it.

In the beginning you did not question his intent concerning you – but then he wasn’t being truthful about his personal life. As facts have emerged, you have not allowed yourself to evaluate what they mean to any possible permanent relationship. You want this relationship because, right now, it is easy for you since he is telling you exactly how to behave and how he wants you to always be there for him.

The negative energy can be chased away by using an intention, based in unconditional love, that it leave you alone. Get some incense and smudge the area since negativity cannot stand things such as sage or sweet grass smoke. Burning candles also chases it since it does not like light.

These are all current-life issues. They are not coming from past lives or from sharing a familial group. The choice is yours to decide how you wish to deal with this. Remember, honoring yourself and your journey is the reason this has appeared. Choose how you wish to do that.