Pain in and out

QUESTION: Masters, my question is about pain. I know I am an empathic individual who sometimes takes on the pain and suffering of others.  It seems from the moment I wake up, all during the day and even during the night, I have pain. I have many different diagnosed illnesses including fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, cardiomyopathy, arthritis, and major tremors. My belief system is such that I feel, on one level, that I am doing all of this to myself, then chastise myself for allowing my body to become such a pain-filled vessel. I have had enough. I do not want to continue to live in this way and I honestly do not know what to do any longer. My exhaustion seems to take away all motivation to help myself. It’s as though I want someone or something else to swoop in and rescue me. I am so depressed and unable to see how I can change. I feel truly stuck. I believe I’m highly spiritual but I just can’t seem to put into practice the theory I’ve learned. I know it may sound selfish but do you have any advice, words of wisdom and encouragement for me? Thank you.  ~Darlene, Canada

ANSWER: You have reached the juncture in this lifetime when almost all the pieces in your various lessons have been laid out in front of you. What you do now determines which lessons you complete and which you will have to repeat. The way you define yourself tells you what is happening. When you accept a diagnosis you claim the energy of that condition and then have to work with it until you are complete. When you label yourself as this or that, you also claim all the properties that are associated with that label. Let’s take stock of what you have said.

You have claimed fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, cardiomyopathy, arthritis, major tremors, exhaustion, depression, lack of motivation, being helpless, and wanting to be a victim. You criticize yourself for your actions, want to be bailed out by having someone else take away all your responsibility, but admit you are the cause of all of this.

Our advice is wake up! You have all the answers. Each one of the things you claim is part of a life-lesson. The central core of everything you have in front of you is finding the soul within. That is the spiritual theory you know but can’t figure out how to put into practice. Lesson one is to learn to love yourself. Learn the situation you are in is for you to learn you have freedom of choice and can create what you want instead of being stuck with what you have. Lesson two is to start exercising your freedom of choice to change your world. Lesson three is to remember that lesson number one is the key to everything.