Non-physical contact

QUESTION: Masters, I have enjoyed your books very much and they make sense to me. I do have a couple of questions: First, can human beings be affected by spiritual “leeches”i.e., earthbound spirits or souls who have passed away but not returned home? If so, am I affected by them? Secondly, are crop circles communication from more advanced beings or some sort of guides from outer space?  ~Mika, China

ANSWER: Thank you for your kind words. Those souls currently in human form may be affected by discarnates—those who leave their body but don’t return Home. Everything is composed of energy, and souls wandering between the physical and their true essence need to find ways to replenish the energy they are using to stay between energetic layers. The only way they can get energy is by sucking it from those in full physical form. Many refer to these lost souls as energy vampires or spiritual leeches.

Souls who are working on finding their true essence, frequently called lightworkers, emanate a high level of energy that is preferred by leeches. Consider yourself a beacon which may be seen from a great distance. Like moths drawn to a flame which they cannot resist, you are a target for vampires. Your awareness of self has allowed you to keep them from permanently attaching but they come and feed at times like hungry mosquitoes. Until they get discouraged from not being able to get a free meal, start the practice of surrounding your body in white-gold light at least once a day. The leeches will not be able to see you in this glare.

Crop circles, other than those which are man made, are created by beings who are not of this physical cycle on the planet. Some are created by souls who have returned Home but still monitor the Earth and wish to help guide those who will listen by giving them scientific information. There are also souls in various guises who reside on other planets and want to be of service by leaving messages about happenings in the universe. All markings are left in friendship and good will.