Having two faces

QUESTION: Masters, I’m having some trouble with a career path in life. I am applying to be a police officer soon but I’m also very interested in all things metaphysical. I have been learning a lot about metaphysical things for some time now (including information about the Hollow Earth) and I feel I am learning all of this for a reason. I sense I have a big, important purpose on this Earth. What I don’t know is would all the metaphysical stuff mix with being a police officer? I feel that if I were a cop I would not ever be able to talk about the metaphysical things I enjoy.  ~A.V., USA

ANSWER: What you are saying is that you want to intermingle the two aspects of your life. Consider a scenario where you are at school in a criminal justice class and you want to speak in Spanish because you are attempting to become proficient in that subject as well. Do you think your Criminal Justice instructor is interested in how much Spanish you know? We don’t think so. That does not mean that one is more important or better than the other. Each has its own place.

Police work is a very fine profession. It gives you a chance to come into contact with a lot of people who are having difficulties in their lives. With your understanding of metaphysics you would be uniquely qualified to understand and assist them. That does not mean you have to convert them to your way of thinking—just give them alternative ways to think about things.

You are correct that you will not be able to discuss metaphysical principles with the majority of your fellow officers, but you only work 40 hours a week. You do not have to spend your free time with only other police officers. Find a discussion or work group to spend time with to increase your understanding of your divine journey.