Reassurance from Home

QUESTION: Masters, my very dear friend is seriously ill in a hospice with breast cancer. The night after we were told there was no hope for her I was at home alone. I went upstairs and the hall light came on very brightly. Nothing unusual in that you might say, but the light hasn’t worked for two years. I had tried to change the bulb several times and had given up on it. The light flickered, then very brightly lit up for about 20-30 seconds, went off and never came back on again.  This happened on the 12th of August at 9:50 pm. I don’t know if the time or date has anything to do with it. It was my maternal grandmother’s birthday though she died 25 years ago. I was very frightened when this happened and I asked a friend over as it sort of spooked me. If it was someone trying to tell me something I am afraid I might have scared them away as I was frightened, but as the days have gone by I am not scared and wish I could get another sign. What do you think this was?  ~Elizabeth, UK

ANSWER: Your grandmother wished to let you know that your friend was going to be all right after she returned Home. She knew you would make the connection with the date. She has tried on a number of other occasions to contact you and felt this time you would know the message came from beyond. You had decided that you would be a medium for messages at sometime in your life. The spirits have been waiting for the time when fear would not interfere.

You have the freedom of choice whether or not to allow contact and to what degree. If you are in agreement with being a conduit for their messages, then just open yourself to the energy coming from beyond. It is very important that you do not just open to everything but be specific as to what you will convey. You may, for instance, say you at first only wish to receive messages that come from people you know. Then you could expand into messages for all those whom you know. It could progress into a service, for hire, for anyone seeking information on loved ones. The possibilities are almost endless.

Remember there is absolutely no obligation involved with this choice. You may begin and end at any time. You may totally disregard everything that has been said here if you do not feel ready, or you may jump in with both feet and hit the ground running.