Fact or Fiction?

QUESTION: Masters, I met a man during a spiritual course two years ago and felt very spiritually drawn to him. There was instant psychic attraction between us. But there was great fear in me about this psychic experience and I stayed away from him even though all my intuition was screaming for me to contact him. Six months later, I did contact him but all my feelings got in the way and I ended up being rebuffed by him. It’s been 2 years now and I still can’t get over him even though we are almost strangers. I don’t know what to do and how to get rid of this ‘addiction’ to him. Please help, I’m desperate!  ~Usha, Singapore

ANSWER: Spiritual courses cause all kinds of energies to go screaming around a room. When you “feel” the energy of another person of the opposite sex for the very first time, you sense that you are meant to be together. This then creates an expectation of how great the union would be. Either a few words or, frequently, none at all are exchanged, yet you feel bound to the person.

Making eye contact, touching, or hugging a person during one of these events may trigger within you a desire to continue the contact because it initiates a physical reaction within you—when the feeling is not mutual at all.

This brief encounter has allowed you to learn a lot about yourself. It has helped you put your fears of reaching out to another on hold. You have overcome the emotions which say you are not good enough to be accepted. You were rebuffed not because of your feelings but because he did not get the same sense about you that you had about him.

The addiction that you feel you have is the need not to return to the personal emotional insecurity of before the course. You have to go out and open up your senses to other males around you. Get a sampling of what they are like. See what appeals to you and then strike up a conversation. Holding on to your expectation of this man is preventing you from having a satisfactory relationship at all. It is not real; it is imaginary.