Living during the time of Jesus

QUESTION: Masters, I am fascinated by past lives we have lived and would love to have ‘readings’ about them. One such reading told of a life as John, the disciple of Jesus and suggested writings of the events of his life were inaccurate. As I know we are all technically ‘sons of God’ what was it about Jesus that made him so special? Was he a very enlightened man of his time? I have always felt myself to be spiritual. Does this stem from this time spent with Jesus? ~Jane, United Kingdom

ANSWER: It is nice to have “readings” about your past lives but much more beneficial to have, through hypnosis or deep meditation, the experiences of the energies themselves. Once you reconnect with the feelings of a particular time and place, it is like the memory of a beloved vacation in your current lifetime that you can visualize and relive.

Many souls have chosen to experience being in the presence of the soul known as Jesus because of the work he undertook in that lifetime. It was a period of humankind when people were just starting to recognize that they had the ability to make their own decisions. Freedom of choice was unknown up to that point. Society and the hierarchy told everyone what to think and what to do. All aspects of living were controlled and beliefs were dictated.

Jesus came to Earth to be a “way-shower” – one who, by his example, allowed everyone to see what was possible and how to accomplish it. He introduced the populace to the concept of thinking for themselves and relying upon inner feelings instead of societal dictates – not just judging but accepting everyone’s individuality and loving their choices. His examples later became an organized religious practice instead of a demonstration of a spiritual path.

Your spiritual knowledge comes from having observed, and lived in, the period when a spiritual, loving direction was first explored. If you have the opportunity, go back to that time and “feel” the connection to the unconditionally loving Source energy that is present.