Following your passion

QUESTION: Masters this question randomly popped up in my mind (might be helpful to someone else) people often say “one should follow their passion /do what they love” but if that were the case…There wouldn’t be anyone to clean streets or deliver food or odd jobs which necessarily aren’t ‘passion/talent’. I personally don’t think that only one job or skill can make you happy. What’s your take on it? ~S, India

ANSWER: The phrase “following one’s passion” has several implications. It refers to the elementary concept that a soul has total freedom of choice and that learning about yourself can only occur if you are in touch with your inner self or driving force. It looks toward souls’ ability to manifest that which they desire to experience. It encourages one to take responsibility for their decisions and to understand that as time changes, so will your need for diversity.

As a soul goes through their chosen life lessons, they may reach a point where the lessons no longer drive their life, and they are free to create a world of their liking. Now, this may be one of rest and relaxation, or it may be fulfillment of things always hoped for, or it may be to exercise the wisdom gathered through their lessons. They might have a strong need to help the less fortunate, or perhaps their ability to make art speaks to and is pleasing to others, and they wish to share.

Those whose passion is for a pursuit that will not financially support their human existence will have to occupy a portion of their time with one that will feed and clothe them. These people generally choose something that does not involve too much thought since that part of themselves will be taken up with planning the next passionate endeavor. They might find the perfect answer in washing dishes, cleaning streets, bussing tables, picking up garbage – none of which requires deep thinking.

You will find that making the connection to a passion enhances your life by being a force that “pulls” you through the rest of your time. It is all consuming and satisfying. But it, too, like all other phases of your existence, should be constantly evaluated to see if there is something that has a more dynamic effect upon your physicalness. Don’t be afraid to change or to try something new.