Completing life lessons

QUESTION: Masters, is it possible for an incarnate soul to complete all life lessons in only one lifetime? And what can we do to “speed up” our process of enlightenment?        ~ Vanessa, Singapore

ANSWER: Your question can be interpreted in two different ways. Is it possible to complete all possible life lessons a soul may choose to experience in their Earthly incarnations in one lifetime? The answer to this is not unless they could live the equivalent of hundreds of lifetimes in one body. The other way to look at your inquiry: Is it possible for a soul to complete all the life lessons they chose for their lifetime, the average single span of a body, within that one lifetime? The answer is then a resounding Yes!

Some of the Ascended Masters spent periods of time on Earth that far exceeded the normal human life span. This enabled them to work on many different lessons – but even they reincarnated at other times because they could not fit all the possible scenarios into one lifetime.

To gain all the possible knowledge of negativity possible on Earth you must have experiences available only when present in each of the body’s possible sexes. Limiting events generally require physical or mental inadequacies, while manipulation requires above average intelligence, and physical experiences require a whole body.

Enlightenment comes when the conscious mind becomes aware of the unconscious non-physical aspects of the soul. To speed up the process within a life, rid yourself of doubts and fears, turn from the ego judgment of the physical dimension to the evaluation love of all souls of the non-physical spiritual dimension. Tune into the universe and enter the energetic flow. Give up control, the need to know, and expectations. Have faith and trust in your feelings not your mind. In other words, get to know the true essence of your unconditional loving soul while still incarnate!