Family reincarnations

QUESTION: Masters, I have two sisters who recently came to the realization that they were both my dad’s sisters in this lifetime. My dad lost both of his sisters while in they were in their 20s. Are my sisters the reincarnations of our aunts? My sisters are also convinced that I was my mother’s mother in this lifetime. She passed away from heart failure while in her 40s. Am I really my grandmother? Why did she die so young?   ~Liz, USA

ANSWER: The events surrounding reincarnation have recently caught the interest of the world mostly due to the effect of media coverage and shows on television. People who would never have talked about what happens to souls after they leave the shell of the persona of their loved one, are now spending time and money to talk to the soul and follow its progress into other activities. A lot of wishful thinking is powering this surge.

Souls enter into a physical body in order to learn lessons and enrich their knowledge of life. This is easily accomplished by the ability to use any body form available to them. They generally do not like to repeat something they have already learned, so they will move into other environments to vary their knowledge base. Every soul who has chosen to come to Earth a number of times has been male and female, white, black, oriental, and indigenous natives, choosing to live on a number of different continents experiencing myriad families and occupations.

In their energetic form souls have the ability to visit wherever they desire. If the person they visit is sensitive to energy, it may seem as if the soul is there in physical form. Your aunts were interested in how siblings in their former family interact. They did not choose to do the interaction themselves. Your sisters are not the reincarnations of your aunts. Neither of their souls has chosen to come back into human form yet. They do spend a good amount of time around your family so the sense of their presence comes from that and not reincarnation.

Your sisters want you to share in what they think is fun and a show of family unity, so they chose your grandmother to be your origin. You are not the reincarnation of your grandmother. She is actually a five-year-old boy in a rural Arkansas family. Her early passing from this life arose because she planned, in that last life, to be the cause of a sense of abandonment for those close to her at the time of her transition. There was a lot of emotional volatility in the family, and her leaving stirred the pot to help a realization of personal lessons for the others.