Inner child and life lessons

QUESTION: Masters, I have had several dreams with a little girl about 8 years old (myself?) she has a white dress on with the high top boots and with braids in her hair. Could this be what is called my inner child?     ~Tonya, USA

ANSWER: Sometimes when one has a dream like this it is because they are having a spontaneous past life remembrance. This little girl is a piece of your soul, otherwise called by many, an inner child. When one sees an inner child running around in their dreams it is something they have frequently set up before coming into that incarnation to help with a life lesson.

An inner child gets fragmented from the conscious soul in many different ways. Most instances are from the present life where a traumatic incident has caused the person to break off a fragment of their self to protect their senses from dealing with the trauma. The inner child then holds on to the negative feelings and keeps the whole, or the consciousness of the individual, from having to deal with the fear associated with the event.

In some cases inner children may have so much emotional disturbance surrounding them that they prevent an aspect of the soul from uniting with the soul essence between lives and therefore the separation carries over into the next reincarnation. This is what has happened to your soul. In a past incarnation you were traumatized to the point of hysteria, ran away by compartmentalizing that fear within an inner child, and did not reintegrate during that lifetime. Your inner child is trying to get your attention to get you to work out this energetic prison so you may become whole.

To reconnect you must delve back into that past experience. This can be most easily done through a past-life regression, a hypnosis session tracing back the energy trail of extreme fear, or going into deep inner heart work that allows the terror to surface. It would be almost impossible for you to do this on your own since the pain is so deep and severe. Contacting the subconscious mind during hypnosis will speed up your soul retrieval.