QUESTION: Masters I had a very clear intuitive sense that a connection with a new person would continue. It felt a clear, pure knowing that has always been right in the past. However, it now appears this clear ‘knowing’ was wrong, and has left me very bewildered. What happened is clear intuitive knowing sometimes not correct? ~Craig, Australia

ANSWER: There is nothing wrong with your intuition. The feelings that you get are “correct” at the moment that you sense them and will remain unaltered if nothing changes. When it comes to something that involves other individuals, you can never be certain that there will not be intervening actions.

Each soul has total freedom of choice to change their prior arrangements to something similar or even completely different. That is what has happened in this case. The original plans of this person were along the lines you received as an intuitive scenario – to build up to a more permanent relationship. Then dramatic changes in their life took them in a different direction.

How your intuition works can also be affected by its becoming overshadowed by the ego. Say you have an intuition that you really like, so you create an expectation built on it. Then when things change, you rely on the first intuitive thought instead of reaching out to reassess the current situation.

This can be prevented in the future if you constantly live in the moment. You get to a point where you never depend on past feelings but actively scan the energy around you to pick up the “latest news.” This will keep you abreast of how the participants are aligned at any given time.

Remember, the spiritual approach is to evaluate what is happening in your existence, not to judge whether it is as you want it to be. Your intuition is still clear and precise for the moment you access it.