Looking for passion

QUESTION: Masters I’ve been on my current career path for past 14 years. I feel exhausted. I have made progress, through changing my beliefs deliberately, but it’s been very slow. I don’t feel very passionate about what I do these days. I’m beginning to question if I am in the wrong line of work – is there something else I would be better doing. Or, is it a lack of belief in myself and I just want to give up? I started to belief I can achieve my income goals here and be passionate about it but I’m beginning to feel that might not be so. Should I stay the course and it will work out, but how? ~Anjeles, USA

ANSWER:  You are going through a period of boredom and are seeing things only from the societal, third-dimensional viewpoint. The most important thing on your spiritual journey should be the passion you achieve and are able to follow. Passion is not something that can be wished into being or forced to appear. It comes upon you slowly when you feel drawn to an activity and decide to dedicate your existence to being able to continue until you reach a mastery of that talent.

When you work in a regular third-dimensional office, there is much you have to absorb along with the spiritual energy you are seeking. Since you are receiving monetary reward for the work undertaken, you have to conform to what your boss expects. This should not be considered part of your journey toward mastery but merely the setting within which you can find the way you seek.

You have set specific expectations of where you feel you should be and when that time should occur. This is limiting your progress because you are constantly stopping and judging if you are where you feel you should be.

Trust that your inner wisdom will call to you the opportunity you need to achieve your purpose. Stop thinking and analyzing things, because all this does is put you in a place where you use ego judgment to compare yourself with where you have seen or heard others are located. This has nothing to do with your development.

With each selection point you reach, don’t think about the alternatives but go inside and ask yourself how you feel about the options available. Follow the direction that feels like it is pulling you toward it. Do not hesitate to change your heading when it doesn’t feel like you are going with your highest and greatest good. Keep up faith in yourself.