Mind vs. feelings

QUESTION: Masters, I wanted to ask how on some days I feel so connected to source and I buzz with happiness and excitement, yet in a flash when I’m experiencing high emotions or if I’m upset, I seem to lose my connection. I seem to have a lot of people around me at the moment who make me feel negative, and I’m not sure if I’m imagining this or if it’s real? Is this because my ego takes over? If so, how can I prevent my mind from attacking me? Sometimes I think my mind is my own worst enemy. ~Michelle, England

ANSWER: The mind, the ego, and the judgment realm of the third dimension all play a part in diverting you from the feelings generated from your essence. You are sensitive to energy but you haven’t learned discernment yet, which would permit you to turn away the negative waves.

When you are flying in the positive energy you let your guard down. With no protection, you are vulnerable to people who bring in negative vibes, take over your aura, and eat up the good feelings, leaving you exposed to the negativity. You then start thinking rather than feeling.

With others around, you drop into an ego judgment where you become concerned about what they are thinking and whether you are doing what they want you to do. Staying away from the ego will remove any concern for what others think. Discernment would allow you to decide instantaneously what to let in and what to block or banish.

The process of entering into judgment takes place in the past or future, never in the present, because you must have standards against which to rate, or expectations of what you anticipate. One way to defeat being ambushed is to return to the immediate present when you start comparing or judging.

Your mind isn’t your worst enemy because it can also take the beliefs you want to live by and hold them for reminders of what to do when you feel overwhelmed. Evaluating whether or not the situation is something you need to experience is all you have to do to complete the test.