The miseries of human life

QUESTION: Masters, I understand the learning experience that the world of duality affords. But I don’t understand the purpose for some of the specific physical manifestations. I, once again, came into contact with poison sumac, which has given me days and weeks of grief and misery. What is the value of poison sumac, oak and ivy? What is the value of mosquitoes, parasites and flies? Mosquitos’ only purpose seems to be to make mammals miserable. What are the purpose(s) for diseases like Ebola, HIV, polio, cancer, etc. and the less life threatening mental illness, encephalitis, pneumonia, flu, colds, and allergies? Did we, souls, purposely create these horrible things for a reason? How does physical suffering serve us? ~Christina, USA

ANSWER: How many times do you need to ignore your immediate surroundings before you accept that being present in the moment will keep you away from negativity? The appearance of poison sumac has not changed since the last time you came in contact with it.

Souls in human bodies learn their life lessons through experiencing negativity, understanding how it came into their area, and seeing what they have to do to keep it away. Some lessons need these irritants you have mentioned, along with the infestations and diseases, in order to learn about themselves and make the choices necessary to complete the tasks they planned before coming to Earth.

Physical suffering gets the attention of the afflicted. Otherwise, they may ignore the potential for harm, refuse to take preventive measures, and willingly place themselves in harm’s way from some sense of invincibility.

These ailments provide the possibility of experiencing victimhood, feelings of a lack of control, faith in one’s own healing abilities, depression, hopelessness, hopefulness, allowing assistance from others for the first time, and just about every other possible lesson within the duality.

This situation was a joint creation process of all souls to provide sufficient causative agents to bolster the lessons. Difficulty makes you take notice and gets you thinking about and working toward a solution. In the spiritual process, the solution is understanding why you attracted it to yourself in the first place and making the choices necessary to fulfill the plan.