Who does the planning?

QUESTION: Masters, I am confused about “who” does the “pre-birth” planning. Some say it is the “us” that is aware of itself as SOURCE, while others say it is the “us” that is just non-physical, but not aware of “us” as Source. Recently, I read some Seth Material, where Seth described an entity that overcompensated in his pre-birth planning, resulting in difficult life lessons for the incarnated personality that “need not have been” (I understood that to mean “unnecessary”). In another book, Jeshua, a channeled entity, describes the “soul”, that does the pre-birth planning, as a mix of love and non-love, and that the pre-birth planning is to create a lifetime to “scrub” away the non-love from the soul. This seems contradictory to the idea that perfect “Source” versions of us are doing the pre-birth planning. Who is doing the planning, and how can these “planners” be flawed, resulting in “overcompensation”? ~B. Singapore

Answer: The confusion with the various materials you have read is that there is no common description or understanding of what the different words universally mean. When people talk about the soul, do they mean the spirit, the piece that came from Source, or the unconscious aspect of the human being? Or do they mean all of the above? Channels can only speak the words they have in their vocabulary; they cannot use terms from another language unless their body has been taken over by another soul.

The sources you have quoted also come from different periods and locations where terminology varies slightly. We will answer your question defining our words as we go along. The piece broken off from Source is what we refer to as the soul. When it is nonphysical, it may also be called the spirit or reflection of the soul from when it inhabited the body. When the soul is nonphysical and at Home in unconditional love, it has no aspects of negativity or non-love. Once the soul re-enters unconditional love, it is totally aware of its essence of Source energy.

Who makes the plans? The Source-aware soul, which fully understands life lessons and freedom of choice, lays out its desired life. Although each soul is advised by its own council of advisors, they do not make any decisions for the soul. Just as you humans sometimes eat more than your body needs or can stand because your eyes are bigger than your stomach, souls may overestimate the number of lessons they can complete in a single lifetime.

The whole purpose of the planning is to experience situations the soul has never encountered before. Since souls are not aware of the extent of difficulty they may face, it is possible to overfill their plates. This is one of the reasons people may commit suicide – they get overwhelmed by their plans. It is not wrong; it is just another lesson.