Bible stories and multiple lives

QUESTION: Masters, I believe that the Biblical story of good and evil, the tree of knowledge is a symbolic story of the positive and negative choices, freedom of choice and the contrasts of life. Sour and sweet, life choices, the way in which you will find your soul… But what is the Noah’s Ark idea? You have also told us that the time is only on planet Earth. Is souls, therefore, the opportunity to try the same person / family / community indefinitely, even at the same time? So, for example, 10 the soul experiences the same “human skin”, 10 different types of experience. Your point of view would therefore be 10 different dimension and experience when I experience physical one? ~Juha, Finland

ANSWER: You are referring to what you have accepted as the belief systems by which you have chosen to conduct your life. When taking pieces from a religious practice, you may take all, a few, or none of their beliefs. Some religions collected stories or parables to help their flocks, who at the time could not read for themselves, to understand the principles of their sect.

We tell those who come to us that they should always look to their feelings to see if a tenet is right for them. If it does not resonate, then discard it. It is possible, and it has happened through the centuries, that people have written what they want their group to believe solely for the purpose of controlling their thinking.

When we talk about time we are referencing what you consider to be past, present, and future. The 24-hour clock and 365-day year are the means of recording time on Earth since it is based on the rotation of the Earth around the sun.

A conscious mind cannot totally comprehend the discussion of time. It is only “conscious” in one life at a time, even when recalling past lives under hypnosis. The human mind has the limitation of being able to focus on only one existence at a time; the others are clicking away in the background, like the operating system on your computer, keeping everything moving without your awareness.

Your soul is the part of you that is eternal and keeps on living and experiencing. Your body exists because of your soul’s choices of where to live, who to be, and what to do. A soul may choose to have repeated lives with the same group of souls, but it does not use the same body. Most souls wish to have a variety of experiences and would not choose to be contained exclusively within a very closely knit family.