Stranger, friend, or soul mate?

QUESTION: Masters, I met this guy 2 years ago. When I first met him, I felt like I already knew him. The meeting was unexpected and random. We hit it off and the sexual chemistry was amazing, but he kept running away or trying to find reasons to push me away. His anger towards me was kind of unnatural too, considering nothing ever really happened between us to provoke that kind of response. Anyways, finally he left for good and it broke my heart. I think about him every day and I wish him the best. Everybody used to tell us that we were exactly alike. I just want to know if he’s my twin flame, soul mate, or just some random passionate fling? If he is my twin flame, will I see him again in this lifetime? ~Danielle, Canada

ANSWER:  When you met this man the energy between you was that of siblings having come from the same soul group and meeting each other a number of times while in body. You have shared at least three prior lives. You had not made a definite plan to meet each other in this life but your paths happened to cross. The magnetism of your common background pulled you together.

He was not in a position to be able to be with you in a family way since he was already committed to another. The anger he showed, which you felt was directed at you, was really directed at himself for being such a liar and fool. He was frustrated that he could not be honest with you about his circumstance. He was afraid he would be found out and lose both of you.

He thought if he pushed you away you would feel better for having ended it yourself. His hope was that you would forget him as he disappeared and was unpleasant toward you. He finally made his choice, realizing he could not live in two worlds at once.

While he is a soul mate, he is not a twin flame. Your appearance to others of being exactly alike is from your familiarity of energy. He did not want to hurt you by coming and going but was too weak to help himself and stay away. He is gone from your life, but if things do not go as he wishes in his current life he may reappear. The choice will then be yours whether to settle for him on his terms or wish him well and send him on to other adventures. You each make your own choices.