Lemuria and Atlantis

QUESTION: Masters, can you explain about the continents of Lemuria and Atlantis? Are we incarnations of people who lived there? Why the continents are gone? ~Iara, Brasil

ANSWER: Lemuria, or Mu, was a continent in the Pacific ocean, remnants of which are modern-day Hawaii, the westernmost coast of the United States, and islands within the Pacific “Ring of Fire” volcanic areas. It preceded Atlantis by tens of thousands of years and broke apart before Atlantis disappeared. Atlantis was in the Atlantic Ocean extending to the African continent and beyond. Current remnants can be found near the Bahamas, Easter Island, and other island groupings. This geographically includes what is referred to as the Bermuda Triangle.

Both of these locations existed before your recorded history. The inhabitants were very spiritual and able to communicate through thought projection. They were able to move themselves and other things using their minds. A number of the souls populating these regions came from other planetary beginnings. They appeared almost like humans but were much taller.

Both land masses were destroyed by a combination of volcanic activities, tectonic plate movement, and scientific experimentations with things such as cold fusion, molecular manipulation, and laser crystal borings into the Earth’s crust. The citizens were aware when the end was coming and escaped to other locations.

From Mu, hundreds followed the old lava tubes that go to present day Los Angeles and all up the western coast of California, particularly to the area of Mt. Shasta. Some descendants are residing in a town within Mt. Shasta, which is called Telos. It is difficult to see these souls because they use their psychic abilities to mask themselves and are mainly in a slightly different dimension.

Survivors of Atlantis found themselves primarily in Egypt and the Lake Titicaca region of Bolivia. Physically there are some human beings at this time who have some genetic material from one or the other of these two places. Souls who spent one or more lives on Lemuria or Atlantis, or both, are now living unrelated lives on present-day Earth.