A wife reawakens

QUESTION: I wrote nearly a year ago about a cheating husband. I was afraid to leave due to my children’s happiness and an unknown future. I rationalize my decisions for staying, as trying to keep the family together. He says it won’t happen again however I don’t feel any emotion behind his words. A few weeks ago a man came into my life as a client. We kept it professional due to marriages and work. He has issues in his marriage-on different paths. He said he feels like he has known me all his life. We have led similar paths, experiences and are drawn on a soul level. When he left the center I felt untold pain. I could not stop thinking of him until I read an article on twin flames, which mirrored everything I felt. Does this mean anything or is to realize what is missing? ~Debbie, UK

ANSWER: Twin flames are the last particle of Source from which you were broken off as you became an individualized soul. Twins cannot stand to be apart when they are both in human form at the same time. This man is not your twin or you would not have been able to resist each other and he would not have been able to move on. You are both from the same soul group and have spent previous lives together.

It was determined that he would come along in your life at this time so you could decide whether it was beneficial to you to remain with your husband. Your husband is very confused about his life and his “needs.” He still loves you and the children in his own way but is not totally committed to you. He cannot tell you with any degree of certainty what he will choose to do tomorrow.

Your husband is also a member of your soul group and was chosen to present you with these life lessons. Nothing is right or wrong in a spiritual journey; everything is just a matter of choices. Your freedom to choose your tests goes to every layer of existence. The meeting with your client was for you to become reacquainted with romantic moments and to decide if you were ready for another adventure.

This encounter has made you aware of what you have been missing in your marriage and what life can be. You now have the ability to decide where to go from here.