Knowing not understanding

QUESTION: Masters, I have a good life thanks to the teaching that is coming to my knowledge where I can do better in many situations, gradually I’m learning through the numerous lessons that I face on a day-to-day and I feel that everything is going well but I wish you could ask my guides and my divine essence what I should do to get more in touch with them, understand them and get to understand what actually I need to do in my life. I also need to know how I can take good things from the negative lessons especially when dealing with people because I guess I cannot even develop unconditional love for them despite knowing that this is important, could you help me understand what is unconditional love and how to live it here on Earth? ~Luciana, Brazil

ANSWER: You have a knowledge of the fundamentals of spirituality, but you have not understood that it is not like a religion that is going to tell you what to do. You can’t communicate with your guides because you think that they have to initiate the conversation or someone else has to ask them. It is your responsibility to decide what you want to do and to whom you want to speak. Then you simply address them and start communicating.

All souls have freedom of choice as to how they live their lives. No one else plans your lessons for you. Before coming, you make general plans for what you want to experience, and then as each area comes into view, you, and you alone, decide how to work through the situation. You choose the steps through each event.

Earth is the only negative place anywhere. The way you have your lessons presented to you is through negativity. You then decide whether you will tolerate the negative or put it aside and choose the positive. Only you can make those decisions. Your need to know means you don’t want to work to find what resonates with you; you want all placed in front of you with no exertion required.

Unconditional love is accepting what is presented to you. It is accepting who you are, what your life is like, and what situations you are presented. It is the ability to take judgment and throw it out the door. It is saying that nothing is right or wrong but just what the particular person needs to experience to learn. It is learning from the negative and turning to the positive. Remember, don’t judge – just live in the now.