Do heirarchies exist

QUESTION: Masters, could you clarify for me in what order of hierarchy do Buda, Jesus Christ, Maitreya, M. Trivedi, Grigori Grabovoi and the others that are helping humanity doing miracles, etc.- who comes first? Or are they working together? What would anyone do to help? Are Maitreya’s energy transmissions efficient? Could you also please explain the articles that accuse Maitreya of being the antichrist? I will appreciate your help. ~Maria, Puerto Rico

ANSWER: Many of the names you ask about are designations for personality traits that one might have if they entered a body, came to Earth, and took part in the education and enlightenment of the populace. Hierarchies, and religiously required characteristics are not found anywhere but the duality of your planet.

Within religious, occult, and philosophical organizations there are very structured requirements for those who follow their group to adhere to and hold a belief in. In order to establish some of these rules, statements are attributed to persons who have been known to have held these qualities. Some of these alleged masters are part of folklore or legend. If they are based on people who lived on Earth, those souls had as many human traits controlled by ego as the common man but overcame them to spiritually ascend.

All souls broke off from Source in the unconditionally loving atmosphere of undefined space. Each soul has identical abilities and powers. Some have made a practice of using their talents to help struggling souls on Earth still suffering from amnesia as to their own abilities. There is absolutely no negativity in this space, so an “anti-” anything could not originate from there.

Many have taught about souls’ ability to break away from structure to a place of thinking for themselves and using their freedom to choose where they go and what they do – and particularly what they believe. You should examine all these beliefs you ask about and see if they are important to your life. If they are important, who made the decision that they were? How do you “feel” about each and every judgment? Are you controlled by judgment? That is an indication that your ego is directing your interest. When you let go of ego, you accept everyone’s opinion of things even if it does not resonate with you. Live by the beliefs that feel good to you and ignore all others.