Fantasy replaces love

QUESTION: Masters, I have a deep need for recognition. To compensate for this, I use the mind to fantasize situations where I am accepted and recognized, and became addicted myself in them. Something feels very strong in me that I can only shine when I am recognized by others. Sometimes I have the feeling of being someone very influential in past lives like a queen or something, because I have a strong desire for leadership and senior positions. I wonder if there is anything I can do to free myself of this aspect of my ego. I also want to know why I cannot lose weight. Since childhood I am obese and I cannot understand that mental / emotional aspect is making my body act like that. ~Celina, Brazil

ANSWER: Time to get to the heart of the problem – you hate yourself. You don’t think you are worthy of being loved unless you are better than or greater than everyone else. Recognition is your way of judging if you can be happy.  You enter into these fantasy situations because they don’t hurt like living in reality.

You question everything you do. You have the ability to be a leader and have senior positions, but you don’t have enough confidence in yourself to make the moves or get the education and experience necessary to attain them. The more time you spend dreaming, the deeper you get into the impression that the real world is the dream. It keeps you from having the time to make changes, to change the way you think.

This is accepting the negative or non-real aspects of life. Ego is judgment. Ego is controlled by your conscious mind. Ego always comes with choices if you accept that you have choices. All souls have complete freedom to choose that by which they desire to shape their life.

To change your way of life, and your physical body, you have to have enough love for yourself to step up and start a new journey. Become aware of the world around you. Look for the opportunities to be happy within the physical reality. Any time you feel yourself slipping into dreamland, stop and thank yourself for the recognition, and love that you are in control.

Take a hold of the way you see the world. Put together a series of affirmations about loving yourself. Include that you have the power to change. Accept that you can be the person in your dreams – then go ahead and become that person in real life, not just in dreams.