Artificial insemination

QUESTION: Masters, I’ve been unable to have children now finally I’m proceeding for egg donor programe. What are my lessons in this infertility and lack of healing through medicine and holistics? I believe souls are assigned when egg and sperm meets and there is life. I know souls choose their parents, their looks and everything. In my case someone else’s eggs and my husband sperm will be used and then I’ll carry the baby. I’m very confused, scared mixed feeling.  So what is the role of the donor here? I mean does that soul have a contract with the donor because the child will be genetically connected to her? Or is the soul choosing me and my husband as his /her parents? How this works? ~Anonymous, India

ANSWER: You have a tendency to overthink your problems. You establish very specific expectations and desires and fear anything that deviates from your plans. One of your life lessons is learning to accept other people and alternative ways to do things. Patience and flexibility need to be learned.

Souls are not assigned at any particular time. You and your husband had made a contract with the child’s soul while you were all still at Home. This soul would enter any bundle of cells designated for your family. That could have been through natural means, or insemination, or adoption.

It is understandable to be scared about this situation with which you are not totally in agreement. Your fear has been blocking a number of procedures that were tried in the past – don’t let it block the happiness of having a child. The egg may not come from your body but it will grow in your body. You will be sustaining it until birth, exchanging blood and nutrition. It will not know the donor but will exist because of you. It is your child.

Children develop family characteristics more from the environment than from genetics. Teach the child as if it originated from your ovum. The donor merely contributed some eggs; without you it would go no further. Take pride in the fact that you will bring the child to term and produce a happy, healthy baby.

Your father is with us and wants only your happiness. You will make a fantastic mother if you give it a try.