Unexplained fears

QUESTION: Masters, I’ve been dealing with a fear of driving for many years. I’ve tried some treatments to overcome this problem, but nothing effectively worked. I can’t find any reason for this fear, and this problem is disturbing my life, because I really need to drive. I would like to get over it and be like any other person that drives everywhere. How can I overcome this fear completely? ~Patrícia, Brasil

ANSWER: Like all fears, your fear is an indication of life lessons that appeared and were never completed by you. This one has spanned several lifetimes and has several facets, which is why it has been so stubborn.

In this lifetime you have a lack of self-confidence in your decision making and fear anything that contains elements of the unknown. You have been controlled by so many people that you no longer want to engage in any activity where you are uncertain of the outcome. In a vehicle, which moves upon open highways, you fear the actions of others: Will they stay in their lanes? Will they turn in front of me? Will they hit me from behind or from the side? Can I trust them to do what they should? Will I do the right thing to keep from getting hurt?

Some of the origins of these fears lie in a time you were responsible for a number of children. Against the advice of others you bundled them into a rickety bus during a thunderstorm. The bus was washed off the side of a mountain with the loss of all lives but yours. The amount of guilt and blame you suffered has carried through several lives in which you have refused to take responsibility for transportation of even yourself. Understand that all parties chose to participate in that event.

To remove this fear you have to deal with what you can control. All you can ever control is yourself. You start by examining the elements of this fear. What do you sense when you are in a car? Ask why you feel the way you do. The answer to the “why” is what you are holding on to from your past.

Accept that all people have freedom of choice in all things happening to them – so you chose to set up these fears. Very simply, that means you can choose to take away the fear and replace it with something else. Replace all negative fear with unconditional love for accepting yourself as a magnificent person. Accept that you came to Earth to experience this negativity and can get rid of it by changing the way you see it.

Undergoing a hypnotic past-life regression will allow you to re-experience the bus accident and see it as just that – an accident. Forgive yourself for holding on to the guilt for so long.