Is it all planned?

QUESTION: Masters, I would very much like to know that if we have free will and lessons to learn, it seemed to me my life was already mapped out. Would you be kind enough to explain to me, why when I was young I visited an excellent clairvoyant and he told me things that came true in my life over the years, from illness, to children and other things. How is this so please? ~Trish, England

ANSWER: Your life was mapped out, by you, before you came to be born. You spent a lot of time with your Council of Advisors discussing just what lessons you wished to undertake in this lifetime. You made some contracts with other souls who had chosen, for their learning, to be on Earth at the same time. These agreements were so that you would be able to have the setting within which to go through the type of lesson you wished.

All this pre-planning gave you an outline of things that would appear in your life, but not a blow-by-blow description of how they would play out or what the final result would be. It is like an American football game. You know each team will have eleven players on the field and that each player has an assigned position and job. You do not know how each will match up with the opposing members of the opposite team, and absolutely no idea how the whole game will be played.

When you visited someone who had the ability to sense the unconscious thoughts that contained this proposed outline of your life, he was able to give you a description of this outline. He was reading, among other things, the contracts you had made with people (e.g., the number of children), major lessons you wanted to experience (e.g., illnesses), and the general outline for your time here.

Not all plans come to fruition. You have complete freedom of choice to change your plans at any time. Some of the ideas that were revealed to you seemed so much in agreement with what felt right to you that you consciously then put them into reality. A soul has a totally creative ability to manifest that which it thinks about and wishes to experience.

You may continue to fulfill your pre-planning or decide to go off in another direction from here – you are driving the automobile.