The power of familiarity

QUESTION: Masters, I met a man a few years ago through work. The second day I was in his company, during a meeting with a couple of other people, my body raised about one foot above itself. What seemed like centuries of life experiences whizzed above my head for about ten seconds, experiences which seemed to be between the 2 of us, though we weren’t featured. Since then I have felt like every cell in my body has been magnetically drawn to this man. I have not said anything about this as I still work closely with him and we are friends. He doesn’t appear to have any sexual interest in me as I have made subtle hints in the past, but I can’t stop thinking about him being the one for me. What does it all mean and what should I do? I feel a little tortured. ~Brian, Ireland

ANSWER: Souls who separated from Source and came into individual existence at about the same time are soul mates. Your energy is very similar; you have spent a lot of time together both at Home and incarnate, and for that reason have a ton of shared memories. This associate is a soul mate of yours.

When the choice was made for your lifetime to be extremely sensitive, it made you able to “read” the etheric body energy of others. Mostly you just sense what a person’s mood or maybe intention is, but with a soul mate your sensitivity activates your own akashic records so that you “view” what the two of you have done together.

While these are part of the shared records of past deeds for the two of you, they are not available to your soul mate at present because he did not choose to have extreme sensitivity this lifetime. He does not see and feel what you do in his presence. For you, this has nothing to do you with sexual appeal – only the familiarity of family.

The feeling that he is “the one for you” comes from the fact that he is the first person you have met in this life about whom everything is open and visible. Other relationships have been tentative and secretive. You have yearned for the sense of total commitment and sharing. What you are feeling is not giving you an indication of his current sentiment but just the energetic relationships you shared in the past.

He can be a very good friend and confidant, but you need to start the search for a partner. You have put so much thought and time into trying to make him the one that you have taken away any effort to bring a mate to you. Start the manifestation process by defining what type of person you want in your life. Be specific and put your intention into attracting that person to you. Likes will attract likes.