Stopping by to say hello

QUESTION: Masters, I awoke in the early hours of Christmas morning and looked at the clock; it was 3:42 am. A few minutes later a golden light appeared by the bedroom door. I thought at first that it was a torch, or a phone recharging but it was not. I then thought perhaps it was an angel or spirit. I told my daughter and her husband about this and said that the time 3:42 am seemed significant but didn’t know why. My son-in-law said that their daughter was born at that time (she passed away a few hours later). My question is, was this a message for us, or is my imagination running riot? ~Elaine, England

ANSWER: When souls arrive and depart from their human hosts they frequently take a “run-around” to see what is going on and to say hello to those who are around and have or could be involved in their life. The soul who would have been your granddaughter is a soul you have been with in other lifetimes and it wished to say hello.

She was very aware that her time on Earth was going to be fleeting so she didn’t want to miss the opportunity to visit you. When the soul comes into the atmosphere of the planet, it is easier for it to project to other places than when it is wholly contained in an energy form.

Her short life was by agreement to enable all the parties in this human family to deal with their own feelings surrounding her departure. Life lessons of regret, blame, betrayal, abandonment, guilt, envy, selfishness, and many others have played out and will do so in the future.

She wants you all to know that you are all souls who have made this trip many times, and after a period of mourning, you will be able to work through these deep emotional valleys and see the beauty in her contribution of stimulating spiritual growth within each one’s life.

She is also saying that it is not that long before she will be back and a part of all of your lives again. Work on the lessons because this stimulation was to bring buried ones to the surface. When you sense an emotional reaction to something, ask why it is there. Go into that trigger and resolve the guilt it holds. She helped to start the spring cleaning of repressed unfinished business.