Learning in dreams and life

QUESTION: Masters, I am a very spiritually inclined being. I have a question about a place that I visited in my dreams. This place was called, “THE OVUM CHAMBERS.” I have yet, to find anyone who can tell me about this place. I was told by the beings in there that they had to put me in the chambers to bring me back to reality, because the rest of the world is an illusion. Do places like that exist that bring us back to reality? Also, I’m tired of my sister and mother feeling disappointed with me because of my life choices. I live a good life, take care of my kids, educated, disabled and don’t entertain any drama. I live a peaceful life with my kids. Why are they so critical of my life? If I ask for help sometimes it’s like they like to see
me suffer. ~Yolanda, USA

ANSWER: Reality is what you choose to make it. Dreams are stages where you can plan how you want your life to be. The places in your dreams are of your own making. They are the way in which you can feel better about the other aspects of your life and create a system of comfortably being able to accept the difficulties in your day-to-day life. The beings represent your guides and associates who are assisting you in finding peace.

The way you are treated by your family makes you sad and you want to remake your world. Your dreams provide you with the means. You can take the suggestions in the dreams and create a new way to react to the unpleasant feelings coming from your sister and mother.

Neither of your family members can accept that you fare so well in this world with the difficulties you have faced. They are jealous of your success. You are a marvelously resilient soul who is an example to others of learning life lessons. Don’t let the way they act discourage you. When you need assistance, continue to ask for it but don’t accept the negativity they deliver with the help. Love them for the journey they are on – they haven’t learned to deal with adversity as you have. Send unconditional love to them with the intention they accept themselves as beautiful people.