Recycle Earth?

QUESTION: Masters, Planet Earth is a place where we can experience negativity. When we create a new earth where there is no negativity; what is the new role for the earth? ~Timo, Spain

ANSWER:  Planet Earth is the only place where there is negativity. There are billions of souls who can only learn about negativity and freedom of choice from experiencing a human life on the planet. Many souls have not had the desired contacts with negativity to feel they have learned all the things they wish.

There are many other planets where a soul may go and have non-dual-energy lives. Souls sometimes will flip back and forth between places with no negativity and Earth. Earth will continue to be needed in order for all souls to have all the experiences they desire.

Some souls spend thousands of lifetimes playing with negative situations so that they may fully understand all the aspects of a physical trait. They are also learning how fantastic their soul essence is by what they can bring out through their freedom of choice. How strong are they in their faith in themselves? How intuitive are they? How fast can they learn a lesson? How easy is it to manifest exactly what they desire? There are millions of permutations for Earth experiences.

It is not that Earth will cease to be the only duality but that souls will choose to no longer go to Earth for a negative-based experience. The “new” Earths of which you speak are already in existence and additional ones are created whenever a specific staging is needed.

If you have always vacationed in Australia, it does not disappear when you no longer go there but choose to go to South America instead.