Energy intensity

QUESTION: I would like to know the reason of EMF sensitivity. I get very strange head sensations like tightness / pressures when on cell phones, computers etc. My body has just been very weird a few months now. ~Irene, US

ANSWER: EMFs, or electromagnetic fields, are created by the flow of electricity through wires, conduits, fiber optics, and even the air. When an electrical device is plugged into an outlet, it gives off waves of potential electricity until it is turned on. Once the electricity begins flowing, it creates magnetic waves that reach out from the source. Thunderstorms also contain EMF waves.

The human body communicates between the various organs and control centers via nerve fibers that use electrical impulses. A body is also a receiver that can interpret and interrupt the flow of the EMF waves. When this happens, a resistance is felt and disruption may occur in the body. All people are aware of the effect electrocution has on the human body.

Some people are hypersensitive to audio waves, and some are acutely aware of EMF waves. You are one of the latter. Just as people sensitive to loud noises have to shield themselves from the sound waves, you need to be cautious around electricity. The waves given off by telephones, computer monitors, television screens, overhead electrical wires – all of these will react with your internal electrical system.

You will learn what you have to stay away from to prevent physical distress. There are some devices available that can catch some of the waves so that they are not so impactful. Use cell phones at a distance with the speaker, or better yet, use a landline speakerphone to increase your distance. Sit as far away from computer monitors and television sets as possible. Your body will learn to adapt somewhat, but you will always feel intense fields.