Out and about soul walking

QUESTION: Masters, I had a beautiful dream like a vision. The God in a form of white light blinded me and I fell on the ground. I died, separating from my physical body and started to float. I felt such peace and calmness and the higher I rose the stronger I felt these. At some point I started peacefully coming back to my body. The nearer I got the tighter and heavier everything felt – like I was being squeezed into a tight bag. After I connected with my body I stood up and said (possibly to the angels next to me) “That was great and dying feels so good, but I’m not ready to leave yet. I have so many plans for this life and I’ll need my body for them”. I wonder if this vision came to remind me of who I really am or was I in a crosspoint of whether to stay on Earth or get back home? ~Soul, Finland

ANSWER: You were experiencing something called an Out-of-Body Experience, also sometimes called astral projection. The basic purpose of an OBE is to let your soul assist your conscious mind with remembering who you are when in your essential state—in connection with your energetic, unconditionally loving, formless condition, which allows you to sense and feel everything around you.

Planet Earth is a duality of negative and positive energies so that you perceive a weightiness or heaviness about it. As you move away from the pull of a solid form, you release the negativity and things become clearer. You are able to float around at will when out of your body.

Once you return, you are forced to fit into the body shell you chose to use for this lifetime. Within this body are sensing devices: nerves, olfactory, and other senses that come only with a body. It is akin to your science fiction in which aliens have to have machine bodies in order to interact on Earth.

But your body is much more than a covering; it allows for sensations to travel about the body and be interpreted by many receivers. Take, for instance, the sexual act. The parts involved have the physical experience, but you also feel the euphoria in the emotional makeup. Without a body, you would be on Earth locked in a contraption that only permitted you to look out but not take part in any activity.

You may all choose when to have your soul separate from its current body shell. The time and place are up to you. This was just the information that you needed for your journey at this particular time—nothing special. Every day, when you exercise your freedom of choice to move beyond a lesson obstacle or change direction to have new experiences, you are at a crossroad in this life.