Need info on free will

QUESTION: Masters, what is free will for fellow souls who have decided they must pass through this life, in poverty, or lack of all things, or a little? Is it the law of attraction to these guys? Why is it preached in all pipedreams, with progress and etc, that they are doomed without free will, as it is defined by their souls? How to know if we are really free to choose what you want? So worth the pipeline for these individuals? And more I beg you to tell us because I’m sure that 99% of so-called lightworkers, dreamed of a different destination after December 21. Did Sananda intervene changing the course at the last minute? ~Daniel, BRAZIL

ANSWER:  The existence of free will is one of the essential universal laws. Each soul chooses its own route to understanding physical life and gaining wisdom as to how to employ character traits while on Earth.

The law of attraction may be used to help discover what negative energy is holding you back from enlightenment concerning your lessons. You put out the intention to have a condition come to you so you may work through it. When you understand how to rid yourself of the negativity, you can then turn and use attraction to bring in the opposite energy.

Freedom of choice (free will) is important in advancement because it allows you, as you journey, to take responsibility for where you are and where you are going. If you always go along with the herd, you make no decisions, take no responsibility for your destination, and learn nothing.

In order to use free will, you first have to know that you can. Next, you must have figured out that you are in a negative place and may move into another place, negative or positive, by choosing to do so. You are doomed without free will because you can never move forward or understand that you don’t have to remain where others have told you to remain.

Most of the 99% of lightworkers who assumed they would automatically transfer into the fifth dimension on December 21, 2012, were listening to those who preached that all they had to do was wait—it was coming. All that came was the completion of a planetary transition, and the end of ancient calendars that relied on the planetary movement for their basis of calculation.

The planet simply began another cycle—just as happens on January first of each Earth year. Sananda merely observed and smiled at those who were letting others determine what they should think, instead of using their free will to see what they felt was happening and taking the responsibility of completing their lessons so they had the wisdom to know what was going to transpire.