Christ’s Letters and the Urantia Book

QUESTION: Masters, there are two recent sources of information channeled about Jesus’ life, one “The Christ’s Letters” and another, “The Urantia Book”. In “Letters” revealed a rebellious nature towards Jewish traditions and family after lighting a compassionate attitude with the deliberate use of miracles. Already in “Urantia” he had an attitude scholar of religion and responsible towards the family while after Illumination decide not to use miracles as a way to convey his teachings, definitely moving away from family for both. Why are there such differences in plumbing and what would be the correct version? ~Fernando, Brasil

ANSWER: Both of these writings contain the thoughts and beliefs of the ones who published the material. First, the term “Christ” is not synonymous with Jesus of Nazareth. It is a Greek term, meaning “anointed,” which is a translation of the Hebrew word “Messiah.” When “Christ” is used with the name “Jesus,” it implies that Jesus is being recognized as a Messiah, savior, or teacher.

Christ Consciousness, as mentioned in the writings, refers not to a specific person but to a state in which the soul has ascended out of the egotistical, judgment-laden Earth dimension into the unconditional love of being in the presence of the Source of all.

These books are like the various Bibles, the Koran, the Torah, Nag Hammadi, The Book of Mormon, the Book of the Dead, and the Bhagavad Gita, just to mention a few. All are held to have been divinely or supernaturally revealed to the compiler. All describe in human terms what they want the reader to accept as true. The purpose of these “truths” is to create a religious practice around the central figure or set of rules. All are based on the reader’s judging that their ideas or statements are correct and everything else out there is false.

As we always say, see how things “feel” to you. Do they resonate with you as something you wish to base your life on? Then accept them as your current belief system and move forward using them as a guide. If you are looking to become enlightened, what others have done or say they have done is immaterial. Only what you do is important. You must release judgment and live in unconditional love. Feel, don’t think.