Manifestation questions

QUESTION: Masters, I am confused about what are the right things to materialize? Some of the channels say you should not be too accurate dreams, some will advise exact result, some says that self-love is enough, and things happen naturally. For example, if I want money, is the best way to see the state itself, which has been created with money? I’m trying to create an economically easier situation. ~Juha, Finland

ANSWER:  There is no simple single answer to your questions. Manifestation is an ability that all souls possess. It is the energetic bringing to you something you desire. It is basically accomplished through the person’s intention, the ability of which is greatly shaped by one’s self-love. There are a few rules governing the ability to materialize things, such as your life lessons and whether or not the production of something interferes with a lesson in which you are engaged.

Manifestation is a little different from expectations. When you are planning your physical surroundings, including employment and love life, being too specific or too general both have repercussions. Manifestation would have you creating an energy in accord with the desired anticipated result and letting the universe help to bring it to you. Expectations would have you concentrating on one, and only one, possibility.

Expectations can be causing problems. Say your expectation is to have a job for which you are paid $40,000. The perfect job for your abilities pays $60,000. You would not get this job because your expectation limits you to considering only one that pays $40,000. A better way, therefore, would be to express your desire to have a job for which you are compensated at least $40,000. It is important that you put some amount in your thinking or you would start at zero.

Your manifestation must also be without hesitation or doubts. If you say “I need $50,000” but then think “Yeah, but it will never happen,” the latter thought is what the universe hears. Another hazard is your lessons. If one of the lessons you chose was to have financial problems, no amount of wishing will overcome those plans. It is not hopeless, though, because if you learn why you chose to experience that lifestyle, you may understand the lesson, change your desires, and call the money to you.