Soul contracts

QUESTION: Masters, I wanted to know more how pre-birth soul contracts play out or how do they even when you’re not aware they are being played out at the time? Do we just set up traits so much that they are bound to happen. For example my brother having a soul contract to die from suicide, part of my judgment says it’s not good to die that way but at the same time if that is the contract, what does that really mean if it was predestined, or any such perceived negative event or happening. Is it basically looked at as we all play parts in a play; with not really knowing we are playing but experience the full emotions of the play and the characters? How do we play those characters so well so the contract will be played out, and if we don’t fulfill the contract how does that go, do it again? ~Greg, usa

ANSWER:  The lessons a soul wishes to experience in a lifetime aren’t all the subject of contracts. Contracts are engaged in only to make sure that very important things desired will occur. Most of the simple lessons planned are set up by the family and location on the planet the soul chooses. If one wishes to have an addiction, being born into a family of alcoholics will start the pattern. No contracts are needed here; the environment sets the stage.

As you enter into the body, amnesia blocks the knowledge of your desires. Your unconsciousness or higher self is still aware of your plans. It will see that you bring to yourself the situations you want. Nothing is predestined as the soul always has the freedom to choose not to complete a lesson, or to put it on hold for another time. Contracts may also be nullified and not completed if the parties feel there is no need to go through with them.

One lifetime may have several distinct plays in which you are confronted with a lesson, understand it, learn from it, and move on. You can then go on to another, different, type of lesson and gain the knowledge therein. Any unlearned or incomplete lesson may come at you again in the same lifetime, or you may decide you really didn’t want to learn it and forget about it, or you may bring it into another life. You are the director.

There are no absolutes—that is, you aren’t forced to do something you don’t want to do. Some of the contracts you have with others are to create a situation for them and may not have been determined to create a lesson for you.

A suicide may be a part of a soul’s plan in order to return Home in a short period of time to start again in a different direction. It may also be a contract with those who remain behind so they can have all the emotions and questions such an event creates. Nothing is right or wrong in the journey of the soul. It is only human ego judgment that makes such decisions.