Our children’s journey

QUESTION: Masters, my 7 month old baby girl appears to look at energy or entities. Am I able to protect her from any negative energy by asking discarnates to stay away from her and picture her enclosed in a bubble of white light? As a first time mum I worry about her health and safety all the time but also often fear that she will die. Before she was born I had a vision/dream that we are chatting on a bench when she’s a young adult….will this come true? I also fear that she will suffer as I and other female members of the family have with anxiety, self-esteem and from lack of a trustworthy father. ~Moomi, UK

ANSWER: Your daughter is very connected still to her nonphysical friends on the other side. At this stage of her life she is only attracting positive loving energies with which she had interactions back Home. You can say to the universe that you only want beings of the light in the room and cover your daughter in white light to ensure that happens. She has nothing to offer to discarnates at this time because she cannot take care of herself or do their bidding; that is primarily why they will leave her alone. Her guides are also monitoring who comes near.

Don’t be paranoid. We realize this is all a new experience for you and you want to get it “right.” Your daughter is a very strong, resilient little being. She chose to come to you because she knew you could help her with her life lessons. She has no intention at this time to leave you until she has fulfilled all her desires for this life. You have shared former lives with her and will get to the point of re-establishing the psychic connection you have used with each other before.

She will suffer only if she is taught that she should. Be sure you help her understand that she has the ability to choose which things come to her and how she deals with them. Tell her about her magnificence as a particle broken off from Source and that she is as fantastic as everyone else if she accepts that truth. You cannot be full of anxiety or trust and esteem issues if you know who you are.

Do not let her feel the lessons you have not completely learned. Work on releasing the fears and anxieties from your early experiences, and see that negative events can be learned from and replaced with loving yourself for having done so.

You bring to yourself what you need, or want, to experience. You then either choose to understand the conflict and put it aside so you don’t have to deal with a similar event again, or you let it hang from your neck like an anchor weighing down the rest of your life. Remove your weights and be free. Teach her to look at them and make her choices before she gets buried.