Accepting self

QUESTION: Masters, I have 16 years I seek always Interior changes. And I’m sure if I’m here in this world, it is because I have a lesson.  I suffer with many emotional and physical problems. I get stressed and nervous. My problems are connected mainly with my health. I have problems with the gut and power. I suffer a lot too with self-acceptance and self-love, and emotional blocks. I beg help, please guide. What needs to be done for me to release these fears? ~Leticia, Brazil

ANSWER: All souls come into human bodies in order to have lessons. Only the Earth allows for a decision of negative against positive, choosing fear or love, living in confidence or uncertainty. The first lesson to understand is the law of freedom of choice. You, and you alone, choose how you face each situation.

The physical body is in a precarious balance. Anything that makes the body, mind, or emotions uncomfortable unsettles the body and creates a physical reaction. The first place you feel this is in the vibrations of the internal organs. Have fear, and your stomach hurts; feel stressed, and you get convinced the world is against you.

Humans when young are told what to think and feel. They want to please everyone and place a lot of pressure on themselves to be what others want them to be. No one ever mentions that you have the right to do something other than what you have been trained to do. You have freedom of choice.

To balance the body so that illness dissipates, you must turn away from all things negative and choose the positive, loving aspects within your life. You must come to an acceptance that all souls come from the same place—the Source of all things. No one is any better than any other, and all are magnificent.

Understand that the basic energy of everything in the universe is unconditional love. To turn to love, to bring it into your life, is to return to who you really are.