Near Death Experience

QUESTION: When I was about 3 yrs of age I drowned and was in a coma for 6 months. I have this memory or dream I’m not sure if I made it up or not, about being with a woman who nurtured me and I was very happy! Also I have been obsessed with death and knowing about the hereafter. Do you know why? ~Lela, United States

ANSWER: The experience you had is called a near-death experience or NDE. “Near death” because your physical body was still the primary location of your soul, but your conscious mind was outside your body communing with souls in the unconditional love of Home. During the time you were in this Source energy, you were guided and protected by one of your spiritual guides who helped you decide whether to return to Earth and your physical family or stay at home with the other souls.

At the time you began this particular lifetime, you had a two-pronged plan. The first aspect was to help your family and associates have the experience of losing or coming close to losing a small child. They could feel what guilt, abandonment, deep loss, and blame was like. Many conflicts occurred among them, and they had the opportunity to learn their lessons if they chose.

The second idea was that you might want to end this lifetime at that age and come Home to try something else. During the time you spent with your guide, she and others helped you examine just what would happen if you returned to Earth and what you could do if you chose to terminate this life. You reviewed other lives you had lived and talked about the many lessons you still wanted to explore. You chose to return.

Your fascination with death and the afterlife comes from your having spent that six months in the energy that you experience each time you leave a physical life and return to your essential form. You don’t remember everything that was discussed during that time because when you returned and tried to talk about it with others, they told you it was all a dream. If you visit that period under hypnosis or in deep meditation, you can recapture some of the particulars of the time.

If you are curious, search around to see if you have a chapter of the International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) near your home. If you have the ability to attend one of their meetings, you will meet a number of people who have had NDEs and will see that they have either very little memory or very specific memories of their time between dimensions.